Vanessa Manus, who works at Medical City, posted a photo of conjoined twins on her Facebook account.

This kind of condition is called Craniopagus, itis a rare type of parasitic twinning occurring in about 4 to 6 of 10,000,000 births. This areconjoined twins who are fused at the cranium.

She first met the twins when they were 4 or 5 years old. So her mom told her to visit these two since she’s working at Medical City. When she got the chance to meet them again, she asked the twins if they are having a hard time with their situation. The twins just answered “no, we’re used to it”

According to Vanessa’s post on Facebook they cannot have an operation yet, since the family of these two doesn’t have enough money for the operation. And it’s been a year since they were staying at the hospital. It is said that they were featured on ABS-CBN to gain some help, but sad to say they’re still waiting for a person who can help them.

They’re not even allowed to have a guardian inside their ward ‘til the operation.

When asked what they usually do inside, they said, they watch television or draw anything. But they don’t have televisions inside, only food and things they needed. They just use cellphone and placed it on the window to have strong signal. They just dictate to one another, what they see and rotate each other enable to watch on TV.

It gathered numerous comments and shares on Facebook. Many became pity for the twins’ condition. And some were hoping that the government should help them financially.

Hope that this will gain some help from the public.

Source: Facebook

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