‘Distressed and homesick’ OFWs in Hong Kong who need prayers, emotional support, and sound advice can dial (852) 317-54377 free of charge, 24/7. This Hello Hong Kong Hotline is made possible thru CBN Asia.

Faith in God and humor help OFWs in Hong Kong cope up with loneliness.

This is what I’ve learned from multi-awarded Filipino journalist Joe Torres in his video posted recently at ucanews.com, Asia’s most trusted independent Catholic news source.

In the video below, Joe Torres spends time with Filipino workers, mostly housemaids, during their day-off one Sunday morning in Hong Kong’s central district, interviewing them on how they manage the difficulties of living far from home.


Meanwhile as thousands of OFWs in Hong Kong are trying to cope up with the separation from their family and loved ones, CBN Asia or Christian Broadcasting Networks Asia has also launched its Hello Hong Kong Hotline recently.

Hong Kong-based OFWs who need prayers, counseling, and emotional support can dial (852) 317-54377 free of charge, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week.

This free of charge hotline is made possible through Hong Kong-based VOIP service provider Tawag Tipid.

At the end of the line are fellow kababayans straight from CBN Asia Prayer Center in Manila who can offer Bible-based guidance to inspire ‘distressed and homesick’ OFWs even they are thousand miles apart.

The CBN Asia Prayer Center also provides ‘prayer and counseling network via email, chat, and social media.’

By calling the Center, OFWs ‘can find a friend who will be a listening ear for their troubles, and a shoulder for them to cry on, especially during times of distress.’

Pastor Bautista adds: “It is our goal in the CBN Asia Prayer Center to provide them with comfort, care, love, and, most importantly, prayers. We need to take care of our OFWs and that’s what we will do, beginning with Hong Kong.”

Also affiliated with CBN Asia Prayer Center is the inspirational TV program The 700 Club Asia hosted by evangelist Peter Kairuz with co-hosts like TV and media personalities Coney Reyes, Mari Kaimo, Kata Inocensio, Felichi Pangilinan-Buizon, Alex Tinsay, and Camilla Kim-Galvez.

Indeed for thousands of Filipinos who live and work in Hongkong, this Prayer and Counseling Hotline can help them unburden the loneliness they carry.