As confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a Texas nurse had a positive result on the preliminary test on Ebola virus. The worker’s case may mark the first case of Ebola transmission and second patient diagnose with the deadly virus in US.

Nurse Victim of Ebola Virus
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The female nurse the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital not identified for her privacy is one of the 50 health care workers (now at risk) who took care of Thomas Eric Duncan, the first Ebola patient in US who died last Wednesday.

The nurse reported a low-grade fever Friday night and was isolated and referred for testing, the Texas Department of State Health Services said in a statement.

According to Dr. Tom Frieden, the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the nurse had been wearing a protective gear throughout her work but still contracted the deadly virus based on the positive result showed on their preliminary test.

Dr. Frieden said a breach in safety protocols, possibly while removing protective gear, may have caused the health care to contract the virus.

Speaking at a press conference today, Dr. Tom Frieden, said that the health worker had only had a single contact while she may have been infectious, and that that person had been isolated for monitoring.

As for the chance, she will be the first to case of containing/ transmission of the virus in and the second patient diagnosed in US.

Meanwhile, other health workers are having their temperature test twice a day to monitor their health.

In a statement, the Texas health service commissioner Dr. David Lakey said: “We knew a second case could be a reality, and we’ve been preparing for this possibility.

“We are broadening our team in Dallas and working with extreme diligence to prevent further spread.”


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