MANILA, Philippines-Your Facebook profile and number of friends online may show sign of your mental problem, said researcher Elizabeth Martin from the University of Missouri.

Martin said a person’s social media activity can be used as a “tool in psychological diagnosis” such as evaluating a patient’s levels of “extroversion, paranoia, enjoyment of social interactions, and endorsement of strange beliefs.”

In her study conducted to about 200 participants, Martin said persons who had fewer friends on Facebook, who shared fewer photos, and who interacted less online indicated a higher level of social anhedonia.

As defined in psychology, adhedonia is the inability to experience pleasure from activities usually found enjoyable, like exercise, hobbies, sexual activities or social interactions.

Meanwhile, those participants who kept more of their Facebook activity online before showing their profiles to researchers were more likely to show signs of perceptual aberrations.

In psychology, aberration is disorder or abnormal alteration in one’s mental state.These people also showed higher levels of paranoia.

Wikipedia defined paranoia as a thinking heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the level of irrationality and delusion.

People who are into paranoid thinking typically believed on a perceived or conspiracy threat towards oneself.