Loom bands

MANILA, Philippines –PAWS and EcoWaste Caolition warned the public that popular “Rainbow loom” rubber bands pose a danger to humans and animals if swallowed.

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and EcoWaste Coalition reminded children and adults alike who are into the bracelet weaving craze to be responsible and cautious so as not to harm pets. PAWS said the “cute, but hard to digest rubber bands” can make pets ill.

The cause-oriented group said “ingesting the bands can result in an upset stomach and damage to the intestinal tract. Among the symptoms of intestinal blockage are loss of appetite, nausea and diarrhea,” via Philippine star.

In fact, the manufacturer of the Rainbow Loom has started advising pet owners to keep the bands away from pets after “one customer had rubber bands surgically removed from her pet’s stomach.”

Furthermore, the groups advised loom band fans to follow precautionary measures: talk to children about the importance of keeping the rubber bands away from pets, and from infants and toddlers; do not leave the rubber bands or the finished products lying on the chair, table, bed or the floor where pets can get near them- secure the rubber bands in containers with cover or lid; do not allow pets to play with rubber bands or with loom band bracelets; and refrain from adorning pets’ collars or straps with loom bands.

Meanwhile, The EcoWaste Coalition’s Project Protect coordinator Thony Dizon said via Philippine Inquirer that fake Rainbow Loom kits are being sold in markets without authorization from the Food and Drug Administration.

According to Dizon, though the said loom bands don’t contain lead and other toxic metals, there is still no assurance that they are safe. Hence, the group encourages the public not to buy counterfeit loom bands.