Traveling with your family either to local or international destinations is a great way to bond with the family and learn new things together. Imagine you and your kids enjoying a great moment at the beaches of Bora-Bora or taking pictures together at the Christmas towns in Europe or camping under the stars at Osmeña Peak and making new memories that will stand the test of time. But, though you can’t be totally ready for the fun you are about to experience, you can, however, be ready to fight any disease causing germs and bacteria that can hinder you from having fun and the time of your lives. To keep the virus and bacteria at bay, we’ve come up with simple and practical tips for you to add on your travel plans with your trusty rubbing alcohol, Alcoplus!

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Trekking is a great way to explore the great outdoors, especially on the awesome mountain ranges that are family and kid-friendly. Sites like Mt. Naupa and Mt. Manunggal are just two of the popular mountains even kids can conquer. In cases that you need to cross a river or stream, which means getting your shoes wet, immediately clean your feet before it dries and splash on rubbing alcohol to kill 99.99% germs to avoid any bad smell or fungi from growing.

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Traveling abroad is as fun, if not more than, as traveling locally. But if you hop on a plane and explore the world beyond the horizon, do carry a handy bottle of Alcoplus to always have a shield of sanitation close by. Quick note: Don’t carry too much of it since the airport has a strict regulation for carry on liquids, aerosols and gels on flights. Based on the recent information, the container should not be more than 100mL. The containers then must be sealed into a single 1L transparent bag. Also, only one bag is allowed per passenger.

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With the camp set up and dinner on its way, there’s still plenty of time for you to play around and explore some more. But once the dinner bell is rung, do wash your hands with a good handwashing soap and clean water to wash away the germs on your hands and for extra protection, splash on a good amount of rubbing alcohol.

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Mosquito bites and other insect bites can be annoying if you’re at the camp grounds and can swat away the fun at any moment. To keep that from happening, splash on a little bit of Alcoplus Isopropyl Alcohol or Ethyl Alcohol from time to time to ward of the nasty critters. Alcoplus is infused with Tea Tree Oil which is known for keeping insects away from your kid’s precious skin, which makes it one of the best rubbing alcohol in the Philippines.

There you go! That should give you a safer and #CleanerThanClean. And remember this when travelling, bring nothing but yourselves, take nothing but pictures and bring back only memories. Do preserve each location your bound for to keep it awesome for the next families to visit it.