A photo of young adults sleeping on the streets circulated online and triggered reactions from netizens.


The photo was uploaded to Facebook by a concerned citizen whose name is withheld upon request. The photos show young adults sleeping in the streets. It seemed that they passed out after celebrating the Sinulog 2015 in Cebu according to the post.

In her caption, the netizen questioned “what is going on with the  young generation nowadays” and called their actions “insane” and “too much.”

She even compared today’s generation to the previous ones by saying that it’s not how they celebrated the annual festival during their days.

Observers were quick to give their reactions.

Pit Senyor Bai
Image from Peejay Bulaong – FB User

“This is just the beginning. I wonder what the next Sinulog and future of Sinulog will bring.. with the new generation getting worst year after year after year,” a Facebook user said.

“That girl may have been drunk. OR she could’ve been hurt. I hope she wasn’t molested or anything. I hope someone could have woken her up and asked what really happened, at least,” another one commented.

Whatever happened to the individuals seen in the photo, one can only hope that things like this won’t happen in other  festivals.

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