Balesin Island Club broke their silence on Monday, April 6, after receiving flak from fashion designer/model Maggie Wilson-Consunji and netizens over the controversial “yaya meals.”

In a statement in Facebook released by Mike M. Asperin, CEO & Island Director of Balisen, it said that they “do not understand this entire hullabaloo about the “yaya meal” while adding that “any talk of discrimination is inappropriate.”

Asperin explained that they only serve the “yaya meal” “if the guest or member chooses to have the Club serve the “yaya” tenderloin steak and lobster thermidor.”

He further said that they “do not serve this meal if there is no instruction at all from the guest for a “yaya meal” to be served to a “yaya.”

The CEO even revealed that ” the yayas are thrilled with their meals because these are deliciously prepared by our chefs, as well, for our operating staff at Balesin.”

Balesin Island Club, an exclusive resort in Quezon province, irked Consunji, a former beauty queen, upon knowing that the club offers “yaya meals” exclusively cooked for the guests’ nannies or household help.

She even shared in Facebook that her mother wasn’t allowed to order such meal.

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