Climate Solvers 5th Anniversary and Awarding

GLAND, Switzerland – World Wide Fund (WWF) promotes financing for innovative clean energy technologies.

Recently, after WWF-Sweden gave the prestigious WWF Climate Solver award for 2012 to six entrepreneurial companies, Samantha Smith, the head of WWF’s Global Climate and Energy Initiative, gave a statement on how renewable energy technologies can attract investors both from public and private sectors as alternatives to fossil fuels.

Moreover, she mentioned how these entrepreneurial clean energy projects need financing to boom.

“The primary barrier to their success is the lack of sufficient funding. LED lighting for greenhouse farming, solar PV charging stations for electric vehicles and the production of pellets from biomass waste for efficient cook stoves are examples of a broader, growing and innovative bottom-up revolution which confirms the fact that a 100% renewable energy future is clearly within our reach,”

“Innovative measures by the financial sector can instill confidence in policy makers and motivate them to support solutions through more stringent targets on emission cuts and other enabling domestic policy measures,” Smith explains how the financial sector can influence to redirect investments from fossil fuels to clean technologies.

Moreover, according to Stefan Henningson, the manager of the Innovation programme within the Global Climate and Energy Initiative, investors have a palette of sophisticated, proven, and profitable investment tools at their disposal and these can also be used to prevent further environmental damage.

“It is high time for the financial community to mainstream the use of these tools stimulating the growth of solutions that would dramatically reduce carbon dioxide emissions,” he says.

The Climate Solvers programme and awards will be launched in China on December 13 and in India to follow.

For the record, here are the winners of WWF Climate Solvers Awards for 2012:

1.     Powerfy AB – Solar-powered Rural Mobile Charging,

2.     Solelia Greentech AB – Solar Charging for Electric Vehicles,

3.     Emerging Cooking Solutions AB –  Biomass-waste Pellets for Efficient Cookstoves,

4.     Heliospectra AB –  L4A Efficient Greenhouse Lighting,

5.     HiNation AB – HiLight Solar Light and Charging,

6.     Waves4Power AB – Ocean Power,