Sometimes the best deeds come in the most suspicious ways, and this is something netizen Lotlot Englis Sasan realized. And yes, it was a moment she would never forget.

In a comment to a post on Facebook, Sasan shared her relatives’ first-hand experience in Davao, one night when they were about to go home. In their account, they hailed a taxi cab home from an event in Ateneo de Davao since it was already so late at night. The cab driver did his job in taking them to their respective destinations, since their group lived in different residences.

But each time he dropped off a passenger, he stayed ant watched until that person gets inside, like a lookout eyeing for pray.

It was Sasan’s sister who was last to be dropped off, and when they arrived at her destination, the driver suddenly asked why they went home so late. When she answered, she tried to look at the driver’s face and realized that it was no other than Mayor Rody Duterte!

The Davao City mayor is well known for moonlighting as a taxi driver-not to earn extra bucks, but to check on the safety of his constituents at night.

A similar account was shared by fellow netizen Reida Jade Renovilla, who also became a passenger of the presidentiable back in 2013.


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