Marlene Aguilar seemed to have finally found her match.

It can be recalled that Marlene, sister of OPM legend Freddie Aguilar and mother of homicide suspect Jason Ivler, has been in hot water after she deliberately condemned Pope Francis by calling him a “servant of evil” and “commander of Satan” during his papal visit.

Aguilar, who called herself “She Dragon,” even challenged the supreme priest to a sparring duel UFC style.


Since it is impossible that Aguilar will have a sparring match with Pope Francis, someone is more than willing to fight her, street fighting even, – novelty singer Mystica.


In her Facebook posts, Mystica, who referred herself “The Tigress”, challenged Aguilar to a one-on-one fatal street fighting match with two billion dollars at stake.

With her dare, netizens unsurprisingly favored Mystica and showed their support to her.

“Go mystica. I’m on your side. If the fight is on, I will give $50…Guys, let’s share so we can raise $2 Billion for God’s sake & to support Mystica….great job mystica,” a Facebook user commented while other social media users encouraged the singer to give Aguilar a lesson.

Marlene hasn’t said a word yet with regards to Mystica’s challenge. If their street fight will pursue, which is quite unlikely, many believed that they are going to thump even the most anticipated fight between Manny Pacquaio and Floyd Mayweather.

Who would you take? The Tigress or the She Dragon?


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