He may have been just another computer whiz doing grunt work for online security systems. But Paul Biteng did something else, and now he’s arrested for that: hacking into the Comelec’s database.

But who is the hell is Paul Biteng?

  1. He is said to be a member of Anonymous Philippines who recently claimed responsibility for hacking the Comelec website last March 27. The identities of the other two hackers are still unknown.
  2. Some say he’s only 20, but more pertinent sources say he is 23 years old.
  3. He is a fresh grad at the Perpetual Help College of Manila, with a degree in BS Information Technology.
  4. He describes himself as a “security researcher,” a person who looks and finds malicious software.
  5. He is said to be a “white hat hacker,” the kind of computer specialist who helps improve website security by breaking into its internal systems, and not the “black hat hacker” who destroys websites for personal gain.
  6. He was listed on Facebook’s Security Hall of Fame for his efforts in improving the popular social media platform’s security support.
  7. He was also mentioned in Microsoft’s Security Researcher Acknowledgments page back in 2014, for doing the same efforts in reporting security vulnerabilities.
  8. In 2013, Biteng found security vulnerabilities on the TV 5 website, which he expressed on Twitter.

If Biteng is found guilty of violating the anti-cybercrime law by hacking the Comelec website, he might face jail time of up to 6 years.

And while his name still doesn’t ring a bell, Biteng is breaking the internet, with netizens from all over the globe sharing their concern about his future. Some said he should be hired to help Comelec improve its website security instead of facing jail time, while others are positive that he’ll be getting job offers from tech giants in Silicon Valley anytime soon.

Your thoughts on Paul Biteng?


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