Many are curious who this Mang Kanor is. After being involved in a series of video scandals with a minor girl, Jill Rose Mendoza, in Muntinlupa Bliss, this man has become one of the popular online icons in the Philippines. Right now, it is said that he is hiding somewhere as he is hunted by the authorities.The True Mang Kanor

Who really Mang Kanor is

No one really knows the true identity of Mang Kanor. All everyone knows about him is that he is a rather past-middle aged man who “hanged out” with a pretty minor girl. He is mysterious as many people are searching for his information on the web but they fail to find any helpful leads concerning his personal background.

There are different rumors about who Mang Kanor is. Some say that he is a retired police from Davao and Jill Rose is his girlfriend who is still in college and he supports her for her tuition. Another hearsay is that he is from Bicol. There is actually no proof for any of these and Mang Kanor remains a mystery.

Why he is popular

Instead to be considered seriously, Mang Kanor has become a laughing stock to many. His name is now a Philippine metaphor for an old or older man who is involved with a younger partner, particularly a minor.

“Napaka-Mang Kanor mo naman..napaka-bata pa niyan. (You are such a Mang Kanor.. she is too young.)” This is an example of how ‘Mang Kanor’ is now used as an adjective.

The beauty of Jill Mendoza is said to be the reason why Mang Kanor has gained much popularity, especially among men. Many envy him for what he had with Jill Rose and for them it is way too cool for a guy ‘past the calendar’ to be involved with such a beautiful girl.

The Mang Kanor and Jill Rose Mendoza love team has gained lots of supporters on the web as seen on the number of likers, fans, and followers they got on Facebook and Twitter. The scandal has no doubt made them instant celebrities.

What the Anti-Cybercrime Law has for him

Jill Rose MendozaRecently, the newly-implemented Cybercrime Prevention Law has gathered lots of protest all over the Philippines. Though many disagree with the libel section of the law, no one can deny that such a cybercrime killer is needed in the country.

As scams, identity theft, piracy, cybersex, and pornography are hovering all over the web, the netizens need protection from them and this controversial law is supposed to be the one to do this.

The Mang Kanor and Jill Rose Mendoza scandal is just one proof of this necessity. Though many think that what Mang Kanor did with Jill Rose is ‘cool’ and ‘hot’, it cannot be denied that the case is disturbing, especially for parents. No one would want to know that his minor daughter is engaging in an adultered relationship with an aged man—and the whole Philippines is feasting over their intimate moments.

What could become of Mang Kanor if he would face the court? Certainly he will be charged with rape if Jill Mendoza is proven to be a minor. Even if a girl consents something to happen between her and an adult man, under the law it is still considered a case of rape.

Image Source: Twitter