Jill Rose MendozaNow a Muntinlupa Facebook icon, Jill Rose Mendoza has been one of the leading online sensations in the Philippines.

This pretty Filipina became popular when videos, in which she was with “Mang Kanor ” at Muntinlupa, Bliss, were circulated on the web. The scandalous online materials attracted lots of curious viewers, especially when it was found out that Jill Rose is a minor—some sources state that she is 15 years of age—and the man is old enough to be her grandfather. It has also been reported that this girl is accepting other ‘customer bookings’ and many become interested of finding her location out.

Instead of condemning the act and the situation of this girl, the social media accounts like Facebook created to express support for Jill Rose show how she has become an instant celebrity, and it is a sad truth that many do not see how seriously dangerous this issue is and the girl is a cybercrime victim.

Why a victim

Many would ask how Jill Rose Mendoza has been a victim when she herself seems proud of her gained popularity. However, if the Philippines had sympathized with Katrina Halili when her video scandals with Hayden Kho came out, does not this minor girl also deserve to be protected from the feast of intrigues, loss of dignity, and lust of pornography maniacs?

Even if Jill Rose may have indirectly revealed her nature of income source—that is through going out with men—the fact that she is a minor and is supposed to be still innocent in this matter is scandalous enough.Mendoza Jill

Jill Rose should be focusing on her studies and supervised by her parents. Since her life’s details are withheld from the public, at least, most do not know her life background. Therefore, no one can judge the environment that she has grown in. Nevertheless, the public attention that she got from her videos is enough to alarm any parent or guardian. This calls as a reminder for families to act their roles out as being the institution where morals are formed.



A chance to prove the good side of the Cybercrime Prevention Law

Recently, the implementation of the Anti-Cybercrime Law in the Philippines has met large protests not only from different sectors but even common people. What makes the law controversial is its libel section which seems to be excessive because of its 12-year penalty.

However, the rest of the law is considered acceptable and timely, especially because of the increasing number of internet-related crimes, such as identity-theft, hacking, and pornography.

This sensational issue about Jill Rose Mendoza is an evidence how the Cybercrime Prevention Law is not that bad at all. Such body is also important to protect people from being cyber-bullied, and the situation of this girl is an example of this.

Image Source: Twitter

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