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Whenever we ride a jeepney, the driver only says a few words, most of them on repeat. Either he hands your change or asks how many of you will be paid for by the money he’s holding, or if he wants to know where’s your stop. Some drivers are often thought to be sweet lovers, according to the popular cliché.

But how about this driver, who’s now going viral as he gave his passengers a friendly biblical lecture!

In this video posted by Djhay Coralde on Facebook, a jeepney driver was talking to his passengers on the essence of reading the bible. But first, he gave them a trivia question, with whoever gets to answer will have his fare returned.

Nobody got it though, so after he revealed the answer, he started sharing about the importance of the Bible to today’s Christians. He stressed on the fact that nobody reads the Bible, but it still remains to be the most important book to read above anything else.

The good thing about this jeepney driver is that he doesn’t sound as imposing; rather he just shares his insights on how the Bible gets him going, and perhaps others can learn from his example too.

What do you think?

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