A racist confrontation of a Westminster woman and a Filipino couple was caught on a video and went viral on Facebook just recently.

The confrontation was caught by a passenger on board a SkyTrain in Vancouver    on its way to Brentwood Town Center. According to the witnesses, the woman and the couple started yelling at each other at one point during their travel.

The confrontation started when the woman felt the elderly couple were talking loudly. When approached, the couple apologized, explaining that it is how Filipinos speak in the Philippines.

The woman started cursing from then on yelling at the couple to “go back to the f**king Philippines”, said Paula Correa, the woman who took the video. “Everything she was saying was ridiculous,” Correa added.

A passenger pressed the yellow emergency strip of the vehicle which alerted the authorities in the area. Police officers responded but the woman has already gone out of the vehicle.

The Police identified the woman as a 75-year-old New Westminster resident. According to them, the woman is known for her anger issues and cannot be prosecuted because the said racism act was not a crime and may only be prosecuted in the presence of public disturbance.

Video Source: Golden Guns Media (Youtube)

The video was later posted on Facebook and was shared thousand times and counting. Netizens, however, have mixed reactions towards the video.

“Where is the racist issue here?” The woman has a point. There are some Filipinos who does not know how to civilize.”


Reported by: Germinal Bill, Lacson Jhonpaul

Source: CTV News, INQUIRER.net

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