It’s really fun to travel and explore the world especially during long weekends and holidays. This group of friends did exactly that and chronicled their trip in Indonesia. But they did not expect who got to drive them around town.

In this video that has been going around Facebook and other social media networks just this weekend, the “barkada” seemed very happy in the taxi they were in, as they were driven by a very familiar face.

Yes, the taxi driver looks like Vice President Jejomar Binay, who is currently running for president in the coming May 2016 elections.

The barkada poked fun at their experience by singing Binay’s campaign jingle while on video, while the driver, who name is still unknown, continues to drive and smile nonchalantly, seemingly clueless at what his passengers were doing.

But seriously, the driver could really pass as Binay’s doppelganger.

Remember that a native Indonesian rose to fame after being a staunch lookalike of US President Barack Obama? Is this premonition of the Philippines possibly going towards the same direction?

Your thoughts on this, ASAP!

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