A punch in the stomach is certainly unbearable. How much more if it is a nonstop beating? A man featured in a 1:37 clip will show you some talent.

In the Facebook video posted by Trending Videos, a man can be seen receiving several punches in the stomach for more than 30 seconds. He seemed to be strong and not minding the continuous punches he is getting. He was even crossing his arms while another man, appeared to be a co-worker or a friend, is beating him.

As of press time, the social media video has gained 1,590 shares and over 1,600 likes. It also received various feedbacks from netizens.

One commentor said that the man appeared to have undergone training just to achieve a steel-like stomach while others jested if he has aspirations to replace Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao.

On the same note, concerned netizens were cautious and reminded the man to be wary of internal infection or internal bleeding.

What do you think of this man with a punch-proof stomach? Can you beat him?




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