This week is a totally epic fail for the LRT.

Just last Tuesday, the supposed free train rides for women in celebration of International Women’s Day was put to a halt when the trains of the LRT 3 from Santolan to Cubao went bonkers.

But last night was just the worst. How about riding the LRT with its doors open?

Yes, it just happened. Students from the Technological University of the Philippines even got to document the whole experience as they took the LRT along Taft Avenue. In his account, James Cubelo narrated that while they thought it was just another jam packed ride in the LRT, the guard then announced that the doors of the car they’re in were jammed!

But instead of telling the passengers to get down for their safety, all the guard said was: “KUMAPIT KAYONG MABUTI!” And yes, this had put all the passengers inside at risk.

But an urban risk taker their squad is, James and his classmates not only went in for what they described as a “Star City” experience-they also took a video of their short but totally crazy adventure ride.

Shout out to all the peeps of DOTC! Secretary Jun Abaya, Hello!!!!

Watch the whole video below: