Pickpockets have become more and more creative these days, as now they not only have to outsmart the cops-they also have to beat the CCTV.

A popular modus, known as ‘laglag’ (drop) has become a common method of pickpockets and snatchers in robbing innocent people in public places. The ploy consists of a gang of two, one serving as a diversion and the other doing the deed.

In this video, two men targeted an innocent middle-aged man ordering ice cream in a dessert joint in a mall. See how one of them attracts the victim’s attention by purposively dropping his ice cream and picking it up on the floor. His partner meanwhile simply grabs an item from the victim’s bag during that same time.

The video may have been taken back in October last year, but the acts shown continue to be rampant in today’s public places, particularly in malls and department stores. It is even seen as a modern, innocent revival of the “laglag barya” modus back in the ‘90s.

Aside from “laglag ice cream,” the so-called “ketchup”modus has been spreading across the metro, this time perpetrators targeting commuters in buses and UVs.


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