Tito Cosejo Jr.’s viral video has indeed gained popularity to the point that some people, a celebrity in fact, made a “beast mode” parody.

But was it really a “beast mode” or “best mode” skit? Let’s find out!

In a 4-minute Facebook video, a man, believed to be TV host-actor-comedian Jojo Alejar, showed his driving skills and how to be cautious while on the road. It appeared to be a driving tutorial in a safe way unlike what Cosejo has instilled in his viral video.

Jojo A. tagged his driving style as the “best mode”. He provided some tips on how to avoid overtaking and road accidents in general. He said that drivers just need to be cool and diplomatic while on the road. The comedian also added that drivers should keep distance from other motorists to ensure safety.

As of this posting, the video has gained nearly 500 likes and was shared 324 times in just 15 hours. It also received positive feedback from netizens.

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It can be recalled that Cosejo stirred anger from the public when his video showing the “beast mode” driving style was uploaded in the social media. He later appealed to the public and apologized for his indiscreet act that can put the whole motoring public at risk.


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