The New York Knicks needs to give their fans a little break from what seems to be a terrible season and the “kiss cam” is an absolute fit to save their faces.

On Jan. 8 New York Knicks-Houston Rockets game, a couple was featured in a kiss-cam video where a woman’s apparent date refused to smooch and wanted none of the limelight.

Making sure that the moment won’t go to waste, the girl turned to a complete stranger sitting nearby and kissed him instead. The two shared a long kiss while the woman’s date looked on in disbelief.

As of this posting, the 30-second clip went viral with more than 8 million views in YouTube in just three days.

However, many believed that it was just a made-up stunt considering the number of viral kiss-cam moments that were later revealed to have been staged.

Hugo Davies, videographer of the said video, downgraded the notion.

“I was filming the kiss cam as it was the first time I’ve ever been live to see one. Most people went along with it and kissed their partner. However, this event suddenly happened and I was shocked that she did that as I thought she was the girlfriend of the first guy. So when she kissed the stranger, I was shocked. The whole crowd went crazy,” he said in an interview.

Davies also added that the woman’s date stood up “ready to confront the stranger” after the epic kiss.

Whether it was a complete set-up or not, the video was indeed hilarious and so much better than what the Knicks has been showing in the season. The team just won 5 of their 40 games, the NBA’s 7th-worst record at this point of the 2014-2015 season.

While the kiss-cam-gone-viral was a scene stealer worth sharing, it can’t erase the fact that the Knicks lost the game to the Rockets by a score of 120-96.

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