A Filipino-American has joined the craze of “No Pants Subway Ride” in New York.

Fil-Am Kevin Mitra came all the way from Philadelphia to participate the annual pantless subway prank with nearly 4,000 people in attendance, Sunday.

“If you ride the subway on a regular day, you will see grim faces and the whole concept of the No Pants Subway Ride is to bring a little joy, bring a little humor and hilarity to the daily lives of people who ride the subway,” Mitra said.

Local media reported that there is also a group of young Filipino-Americans who have been showing off their best undies for three years now.

“You only live once! Try it out. This is great! This is crazy!” Angelo Sarmiento, who recently moved to New York from South Carolina, said.

The subway prank started in 2002 by Charlie Todd. It started with only seven pants-less friends pranking subway riders. But now it has become the largest and most uninhibited worldwide prank taking place in over 60 cities in 25 countries.

“It’s so weird but it is very exciting because you have no pants inside the subway and people are looking at you but you have to pretend that you totally forgot to put on your pants that day,” Golda de la Merced, a train rider, said via ABS-CBN.

The New York No Pants Subway Ride has been participated by pranksters aging from five to 82 from all over the East Coast.


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