A daughter of supposed to be passengers of a Cebu Pacific flight is calling for justice following the accident that caused her mother to be physically hurt and emotionally distressed.

The accident happened in April 2014 when the mother of Charlotte Lopez Hofilena fell face down near the scanner at the Bacolod-Silay Airport.

A CCTV video of the incident has been posted by Hofilena in Facebook on January 26, this year. In a 6-minute clip, it can be seen that her elderly mother fell to the ground after she stumbled into the bags of another passenger.

While it was clearly an accident, the man whose bags made the lady tripped seemed not to care and showed no sympathy at all. Though he looked dignified considering his looks, his attitude towards the incident is nothing but heartless and apathetic.

He just continued to put on his shoes, pulled his bags and leave the area without apologizing or extending help to the victim.

In her Facebook post, Hofilena said that her mother suffered serious injuries and went through emotional trauma.

She further said that none of the involved parties – CAAP management, Cebu Pacific or the guy who owned the bags – offered any financial support for her mom’s hospitalization and rehabilitation.


Just wondering how on earth these acts of inconsideration and cruelty can exist. You can’t just imagine if this accident happened to your love ones.

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