A 2-minute YouTube video showing traffic officers in rather compromising attire has caught the attention of some.

The said video was uploaded by Project Awesome Philippines, who explained that they saw traffic enforcers along the streets wearing diapers during the papal visit on January 18.

The video uploader further explained that they followed them along Quirino Grandstand.

However, it is rather obvious that the persons in the video are not real traffic officers or policemen. They seemed to be walking down the streets just for fun while wearing diapers.

Nevertheless, one can recall that Francis Tolentino, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority chairman, once said that about 2,000 traffic enforcers who will be on duty during the Jan. 15-19 papal visit will be required to wear adult diapers.

“If you attend an event that will last for 24 hours, you cannot go around looking for a (portable toilet),” Tolentino further stated.

No one can tell if the video was made to in spite the Filipino cops or they just want to make some hilarious stuff for the viewers.

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