What if metro Cebu stood still without the swarm of bodies roaming around? What if the streets become empty with no cars speeding up? Will you embrace the change?

Cebu is one of the busiest cities in the Philippines. To see it at peace and free of people is quite far-fetched.

The good thing is, a group of talented and creative people took an extra mile to showcase the real beauty of the metro.

In less than 3-minute video of Cebu Orange Films, they featured “Deserted Cebu.”

The video was reflective and hypnotic. It featured Cebu standing empty and free from the blaring environment it usually holds.

Watch the video now and be amazed!

This isn’t the first time that a place standing still has been featured; Project Box has once published a video showcasing an empty Manila during Manny Pacquiao’s fight.

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