A YouTube video featuring a “Candyman” in the bus is all you need to brighten up your day after an exhausting work.

The 1:26 clip showed a candy vendor talking like a DJ to capture the attention of his potential buyers. With his cool voice and appealing selling strategy, he certainly found a way to ensure that passengers will buy more than one candy.

The video was originally uploaded to Facebook by Czarinna Cucueco. She apparently took the video when she rode a bus going to EDSA from Valenzuela.

In her social media post, Cucueco thanked the vendor as it seemed that he made her feel blessed with her work. She even challenged netizens to watch the  video as she believed that the man can positively changed how people perceive their jobs.


In a separate Facebook posts, Cucueco was able to identify the “candyman” as Richard Rodriguez through her own research. She also found out that “a lot of people already know about him and his wonderful work ethic.”

As of this posting, the video has been shared over 21,000 times in Facebook and with more than 9,000 views in YouTube.




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