Has rapper Abra finally found an apprentice?

Caught on video at a side alley near the Philippine Maritime Institute (PMI Colleges) in Manila was the famed rapper engaging in a flip-top battle with a street kid known only as a ‘batang hamog’.

The indigent kid (whose name remains unknown) is provocative in throwing his lines at the “Gayuma” rapper, who in turn was mesmerized by his choice of words. The young boy showed off his rhymes and pickup lines, leaving Abra rather speechless.

Bystanders have started to gather when the flip-top battle ensued, many of which took videos of the rare sight. Voice over comments were already seeing the boy to be the next big thing in the Pinoy rap scene, saying perhaps Abra has already found his apprentice.

The video, which was first posted on Facebook, has now garnered more than 2,800 likes and over 1,200 shares. It likewise generated comments from amused netizens.

‘Batang hamog’ often refers to indigent kids who go around the streets of Metro Manila and try to earn money by begging, cleaning shoes of jeepney passengers or cleaning vehicle windshields. Their fearless conquests of the city streets have raised concerns among law enforcers, commuters, and drivers-many of them are reported to vex on drivers or get involved in petty crimes.

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