Source: Carbonated.TV

MMA fighter KO’s 2 bullies with MMA moves.

As we can see in the dash cam footage, which is reported to be recorded in April, two unidentified men can be seen driving in a car in front of the MMA fighter’s Peugeot 206. It appears that the thugs didn’t like that he honked at them.

Then the situation intensified when one of the thugs came out and tried to scare the unknown Peugeot 206 driver with a bat that he got from his car’s trunk.

The driver of the Peugeot 206 went out of his car and beat up the 2 bullies; one of them experienced a chokehold. They realized it late that the man they tried to have a fist fight with is a trained fighter

The two men definitely learned an unforgettable lesson


Source: Carbonated.TV


Reported By: Francia Uyvico & Chloe Anne Bual // F.K.U

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