Another modus operandi!

In a 9:26-second video clip, a concerned citizen revealed the modus operandi of a Filipina in United Arab Emirates pretending to hire people for Duty Free.

Apparently, the woman visited the store where her fellow Pinoys work for to recruit them for the said shop. He claimed to be an agent from Dana Express Travels.

According to her, the applicants will only need to submit their resume and pay the processing fee to be considered for the vacant positions.

Having doubts with the recruiter’s personality, the concerned netizen who uploaded the same video asked for her business card. The woman however said that she doesn’t have a business card or a company ID because she is just new in the agency.

She also failed to show her passport and emirates ID when asked for some identification.

With this, the OFW asked her: “Scam ka ba?” The woman however insisted that she is legally working in UAE and explained that she left her identifications in their office, while reiterating that she is working for Dana Express Travels.

Things get completely messy for the recruiter when the real owner of the agency appeared in the scene.

It was then that the Filipinos called the police to report the woman’s bogus activity.

In her Facebook post, the concerned OFW shared that the fraud recruiter has been put to jail.

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