Wrong move, Manny. Wrong move.

Celebs, not only in the Philippines, but even in Hollywood are reacting negatively on the remarks of boxing champ and senatorial candidate Manny Pacquiao when he was asked about marriage among gays and lesbians. Well, in his own words, Mannny explicitly said, “Mas masahol pa sa hayop.”

In English, “worse than animals.”

Same-sex marriage has been an ongoing socio-civic struggle that has helped shape the different norms across the globe, whose cultures have different levels of understanding and acceptance towards the issue.

In the Philippines, local celebs such as Vice Ganda and same-sex couple Aiza Seguerra and wife Liza Diño have harsh words for the world-renowned boxer.

Comedian Vice Ganda was first to air his sentiments on Twitter:

“May mga taong nakaattend lng ng prayer meeting at nakapagbasa lng ng bibliya higit pa sa Diyos ang turing sa sarili nila kung makapanghusga.”

Seguerra meanwhile also went vocal, this time on Instagram:

“I am so f-ck-n’ mad I don’t know what to say. You might’ve done our country proud but with your statement, you just showed the whole country why we shouldn’t vote for you. And yes, I think you are an ignorant, bigoted hypocrite. You made me lose all respect that I had for you, Mr. Pacquiao.”

Hollywood blogger and Ms. Universe 2015 judge Perez Hilton also expressed his dismay on his blog.

“What?! Why do people have to compare homosexuality to animals?! WHY??” he wrote. “Look, if your religious beliefs prevent you from accepting same-sex marriage, that’s on you. That’s YOUR idea of propriety. But there’s absolutely no call to demonize and denigrate gay people by comparing them to animals just because their love is something YOU’RE unable to accept.”

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