His dream of becoming a policeman to serve his country has been stolen from him by the hands of people from the ranks he wanted to join.

The death of 17 years old, Kian Loyd Delos Santos mirrors how the administration’s campaign against illegal drugs has turned into something unreasonable.

VICTIM. Kian is the only teen drug suspect slain in Metro Manila.

August 16 of this year, Caloocan City police conducted “oplan-galugad” in the barangay where the victim resides. According to the report of the officers who were part of the operation, Kian an allegedly drug courier drew a gun to the law enforcers, as they were about to approach him.

According to CCPO, they have been receiving intelligence reports about the illegal activities of kian involving drugs.

However, eye witnesses’ accounts refute to the police’s version. Kian Loyd isn’t involved in any drug activities in his barangay and he was unarmed when these officers took him. These local residents have seen Kian being dragged by two police officers in plainclothes heading to the area where his body was later on found.

These witnesses claim that Kian was forced to hold a gun by these policemen. He wanted to refuse the order but was forced to do so. According to the witnesses everything that happened during the operation leading to the death of kian was inhumane. They even heard Kian saying to the policemen “Ano pong gagawin ko dito?”

These police officers instructed Kian to run while holding a gun. But the boy refused follows their order.

It only took a several minutes after the lifeless body of Kian was seen, his body facing to the ground in a filthy isolated area. Recovered from him were 2 sachets of suspected illegal drugs and one 45-caliber gun, but the witnesses’ claim that it was all planted by these officers. Kian does not possess any of those things.

This awful incident has been reported, doubts immediately bubble all around. Resentments from Kian’s family and relatives have been raised to the law enforcers who performed the operation.

Investigations rolled up after citing different significant path of irregularities during the operation.

In a senate probe of the boy’s slay, Northern Police Crime Lab cited that Kian was kneeling and facing down when a gunshot hit his head that ended up his life.

Aside from the position before the kill, the report presented by Northern Police Crime Lab coincides with the investigation conducted by Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) that two bullets entered the left side of his head and exited to the right, and that he was shot from at least two feet away.

PNP chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa shared his disbelief in the senate probe about the incident involving officers in his ranks.

Some other personalities have shared condemnation about the appalling death of Kian and the prevailing extra judicial killings in this country.

After Kian’s slain, the nation’s interest has turned for this teenager. Different groups and organizations shared their sentiments as they rallied for the justice of Kian Loyd and other victims of relentless killings in midst of this administration’s desire of making this country a drug free nation.

It is ironic to imagine that the people who we lend our trust in imposing the rule of justice are those who commit ruthless crimes. That despite of their adherence and sworn responsibility of protecting innocent individuals, some of the police officers now are more likely becoming unhinged of committing human right violations.

The death of Kian is an eye opener for this administration that this war against illegal drugs has gone to its extent. It does not build a safe society rather it ruins lives and dreams of innocent victims and their families.

Today, Kian was sent to his crypt. Thousands of supporters showed up and gave their deepest condolences and prayers to the family of Kian.

Now that Kian is in his resting place, his family and his supporters’ aims that the rightful justice that this teenager deserves will soon be given to him and that despite of countless unreasonable killings that our country faces today, oppressing innocent individuals, fair justice will prevail in this country.


Reported By: Bill Germinal, JhonPaul Lacson


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