Does it really pay to be famous? Well, it seems like actress Kim Chiu was able to do that, right during a voters’ registration activity last October 27.

In a viral video spreading on Facebook, the young actress was found to have been given VIP treatment during the said voter’s registration activity. The man who took the video was also lining up for his turn to register, but according to him the actress was given special attention instead.

He also asked the COMELEC officials in the registration booth about the ongoing incident, but they only brushed him off and said that they were instructed to open at 11am. The man taking the video however retorted and said that the booth was supposed to open at 8-9amm and they were already in line since.

But the biggest issue that got him, and the other aspiring voters disgruntled, is why Chiu was allowed to disrupt their line and have her registration finished first. The other COMELEC officials present were also busy taking selfies with her during that time.

The man taking the video likewise accused the COMELEC personnel in charge at the booth that they were accommodating celebrities. “Inuna ninyo pa ang artista na hindi pumila! (You accommodated a celebrity who did not line up!),” he was heard saying.

As the video went viral, Chiu finally gave her response to the issue and vehemently denied that she cut the line. Rather, she explained that it was her road manager who fell in line on her behalf. When it was her turn to register, that’s when she went to the booth. She also said that she had a flight that day so she could not fall in line personally during that time.

Is her reason valid to be taken on point? Or was it just fair for her to fall in line like the rest of the people at the booth that day?

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