We call them the new heroes of today. We often give praises to their sacrifices, as they chose to leave their families just to provide a better living for them. Government pour out supports for them. But are these benevolent provisions and admiration enough to give them better working condition outside of the country? Or we aren’t just informed about the struggles they faces every day from those whom they serve a years of service.

We often hear stories of OFW succeeded on their chosen path outside of our country but we can’t deny that we have been hearing pitiful stories of OFW getting abuse by their employers, these often being recorded on those overseas workers working in Middle East. Recently, one story of an OFW in Kuwait has gone viral online as she was forced by her employer to sleep not just outside of their house but on the roof with only a little food to eat.

Identified as Alona Vicente Lizada Niño who hails from Bansalan, Davao Del Sur in southern Philippines, the OFW have said that she was punished by her employer as she allegedly stole jewelleries from her boss. But this allegation might be impossible because she wasn’t reported by her employers to the police, instead she was just punished by forcing her to sleep on the roof.

Her viral video that was uploaded on Facebook has been shared by her friend named Angga Jonnyantara.

Jonnyantara was afraid of her friend’s condition while she continuously has been sleeping on the roof. He felt worried since the climate there is cruel and more importantly winter was about to come.

Saudi, specifically in their area, climate is unexpectedly harsh because when its morning it is extremely hot and when the dawn came weather changes to an extremely cold night. So as for Alona’s situation, it might affect her health that may cause a more serious illness if she continuously be sleeping on the roof.

Moreover, aside from forcing her to sleep on the roof, she was also being starved by her employer. She does not receive food and water as well as she does not have a soap even a shampoo. Her employer gives only water for her to take a bath and nothing else.

STARVED. Alona sent pictures of her food while she was forced to stay on the roof.


Jonnyantara was able to contact Niño as she shared her situation there; she also hopes that government will make an immediate action to save her.

It is quite sad that we have been continuously hearing unfortunate stories of OFW’s yet the number of Filipinos who tries their luck working outside of the country has been growing every year. It might sound ironic but it is the sad reality of our society now. Overseas workers who endure struggles and pain just to provide a better life for their families.

Reported by: Lacson, JhonPaul. Lazada, Luciell, Germinal, Bill

Source: Kwento OFW//JPL

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