New Delhi India warned everybody to be aware of a false news circulating online about an alleged parasitic disease in sardines that is a result of the pollution of sea water.

According to the source, the news had gone viral in social media last October 2017 but up until now people are still spreading the photo of the cut opened belly of the sardines which has an egg-like thing in it claiming that it is a disease caused by the pollution of sea water. On the same post, it is said that those sardines were caught from Muscat in Oman.

Glugea is a genus of microsporidian parasites predominantly infecting fish

However, health experts claimed that the egg-ike thing seen in the sardines were just a parasite called ‘Glugea’ which could grow in fish.

Based on research, Glugea is capable of making the cells round in its shape of a sphere to form a shield. They grow inside the cells of the fishes up to 1-18 mm size and considered as rare one. This growth is known as Xenoma caused by various protists and fungi which occur on numerous organism. Therefore, if fishes grow in large clusters, the Glugea would spread more. Its scientific name is Glugea Sardinellensis.

According to media reports, doctors say that it does not make any health issue if the Glugea-affected fish is eaten after cleaning, proper washing and boiling. In fact, it is not a strange or a dangerous disease.

Doctors advised the public not to worry and no need to avoid eating sardines since the news was just another fake news.







Reported by: Hennah Bagalan & Regine Burce





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