A 2-minute YouTube video will certainly make your day.

The video featured an elderly woman, known as Lola Pina, cracking the funniest and most hilarious jokes that you will ever hear.

Lola Pina has joked on random stuff including about different countries, the National heroes, street-foods and even about school of fish.

Her delivery of punch lines is full of life and humor. One can’t help but notice that she is very happy doing it.

Lola Pina lives at Kanlungan ni Maria, a home for the abandoned elderly. Considering her situation, she is certainly a strong woman who, despite all the hardships she probably encountered, is still making the most out of her life.

But you know what the best thing about her? It’s the fact that she can make you and me happy and laugh on her sense of humor and positive attitude.

As of this posting, the video has over 74,000 views in YouTube and received good feedback from netizens.

Watch it guys and share it to your friends!




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