A video showing a beauty pageant drama has circulated online and went viral.

A 1-minute YouTube clip featured a disappointed Miss Amazonas 2015 runner-up who tore the sash and grabbed the crown off from the queen’s head moments after judges announced the winner.

Sheislane Hayalla, the runner-up, can’t seem to accept her defeat and showed tantrum, which is unlikely for a beauty queen, during the final moments of the pageant.

Online media reported that Hayalla believed that there are other contestants who are deserving of the crown and who are more prepared to do the task of a beauty queen.

The furious runner-up was also quoted saying that what she did is not against Carolina Toledo, the crowned winner of Miss Amazonas 2015, but rather with the coordination of the competition.

Meanwhile, Toledo said that Hayalla will face legal actions because of her allegations.

As of press time, the video posted in YouTube has nearly 1 million views in just 5 days.

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