Two videos uploaded in Facebook by a netizen from San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan are making the rounds online.

The two videos showed young women involved in what seems to be a street fight. They were violently punching and pulling each other’s hair. One girl even swatted her opponent’s head on the concreted road.

In the clippings, it can be seen that there were several onlookers in the area, some of them were just holding their phones, apparently taking videos and/or photos. No one tried to stop the fight until the latter part of the video.

The viral videos were uploaded on the same day, May 9, 2015.

The first one was uploaded at 4:58pm with a hashtag #mgagangsterdaw. As of this posting, it has nearly 24,000 views in Facebook.

The other one was posted minutes later and is more viral with over 322,000 views and nearly 7,000 shares.

By the looks of it, it wasn’t just a regular fight caused by a misunderstanding. It appears to be a planned fight and more of a hobby by the involved teenagers.

But whether my assumption is correct or not, it is beyond everyone’s understanding why these young teenagers, women to be exact, are in a brawl as if they were in some kind of a fight of the century.

One can only hope that they will have proper guidance and discipline so as not to have their lives ending in the shambles.

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