Texas, USA – Lizzie Velasquez, 24, a native of Austin, Texas, once became a laughing stock during her high school days when she saw herself on a video uploaded on the video-sharing site Youtube, labeling her as the “World’s Ugliest Woman.” The video had millions of views and received many comments of demeaning and humiliation.

Leaving her shocked and encouraged despite of the recent experience, Lizzie made her mind up that from that day onwards, she would not let cyberbullies define her worth.

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Experts believe that Lizzie has been suffering from a very rare syndrome that is so exceptional that there are only three cases recorded in the whole world. The disease of some form, called Neonatal Progeroid Syndrome, is a condition that causes advanced aging and extreme fat loss from her body and face, although Lizzie consumes about 60 small meals.

This syndrome is predominantly a group of uncommon genetic disorders that bring about physiological aging, hence making individuals who suffer from them look to be older than they really are.

Apparently, the disease left Velasquez very thin as she cannot gain more weight and this has prompted blindness in her right eye.

Lizzie, however, was able to find motivation to defy cruelty and turn them into strength with her loving family’s support.

Recently, at a TEDx talk in Austin, Lizzie told the audience how pursuant she was by going against every humiliation and negativities with her aspirations, and by defining herself as she was. Amazingly, she did this with humor in spite of the serious nature of the experiences.

She says to the audience to consider what defines them, either their friends, family or their past. Encouragingly, she reminds everyone that if one can seek joy and satisfaction within oneself, and be drivers of their own lives, bullies will never get a foothold in them.

She said, “I’ve had a really difficult life, but that’s OK, I’m going to let my goals and my success and my accomplishments define me, not my outer appearance.”