Ontario, Canada – Last Tuesday, January 7, as temperatures in Midwest USA dip into as low as -37°C due to polar vertex causing most of USA to endure extreme cold, the Niagara falls in Ontario, Canada turned into a solid frozen structure like that of in Arctic conditions.

A day of a record-breaking cold temperature in Niagara, a similarly prominent magnificent scene of the famous falls, as its water froze into solid state before it could reach the bottom. Likewise, the freezing weather cannot even stop most of the tourists and residents from coming to see the awesome phenomenon in the falls, capturing stills, taking videos, and documenting the rare sight.


Before, an event like this in the same place was seen on a photograph in sepia on the Niagara Falls Public Library which is presumed to be taken years 1911 or 1912, but doubting skeptics query its authenticity because the photographer of the photo is unknown.

According to AccuWeather forecasters, the ‘polar vortex’ and its freezing winds are assumed to subside in the coming days and the icy climate of January in USA will decrease to thaw iced settings.

In accordance with Environment Canada, the likely marvel that is Niagara Falls should be back to its natural glory around Saturday when temperatures begin to rise in the 50’s. However, at the present time, residents and tourists can still be amazed at the spectacular frozen land which may happen only once in an era.