PHILIPPINES- Timothy Roy Condino, 22, is all thankful to his rescuers after they found him floating in the open sea for three days.

Crews from MV/Migi barge saw him floating between Tingloy and Occidental Mindoro area.

According to Condino, who is an advertising executive from Antipolo city, he was carried away by the sea current after his jet ski got an engine trouble.

Reports said his cousin Dante Cardines and friends Roel Santos and Jeff Nodalo Capuz were with him for the jet ski ride in Anilao sea in Batangas last Friday afternoon.

The three were said to be heading to Sombrero island.

When Condino’s jet ski stopped running, the three decided to return ashore on board one jet ski to get a rope to pull the stalled jet ski.

Condino was left behind.

When the three came back, Condino was no longer found in the area where they left him.

Philippine Coast Guard and other emergency team subsequently conducted search and rescue operations but failed to locate him.

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