Bench’s recent billboard along Guadalupe starring gay couple Vince Uy and Nino Gaddi together with other personalities has been vandalized.

The ad campaign with tagline “Love all kinds of love”, which proudly supports the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community, received a good feedback from the public following its unveiling.

However, the appreciation for the billboard later turned into a cry for help when it has been vandalized, specifically the one that features Vince and Nino. Their ad board has been defaced with their hands painted over in black.

vandalized bench ad board
Bench ad board in EDSA has been vandalized. Photo taken from Rob Cham’s Facebook account

Bench Advertising and Promotions Manager Jojo Liamzon reacted and said:”The ad board thinks holding hands is too gay.”

Meanwhile, Uy also shared his views over the issue.

“Personally, I feel that it’s unfortunate that our hands had to be covered. We feel that the positive reception to the campaign shows that Filipinos are more openminded and progressive than we’re given credit for,” Uy said.

“On the bright side, we are still happy and thankful because, holding hands or not, Bench was still given the opportunity to spread the message of acceptance, tolerance and equality of any kind of love—perhaps slowly, but definitely surely,” he added.

On the other hand, netizens has showed support to the couple and started a campaign to repaint Vince’s and Nino’s hands. Rob Cham, an art director for the lifestyle brand The Diff, even started a meme rally with hashtag #PaintTheirHandsBack!

rob cham

Check out the artwork of some netizens who were inspired by Cham’s social movement:

by Dan Elijah Fajardo
Ivy Pangilinan
by Ivy Pangilinan
Josel Nicolas
by Josel Nicolas
Owel Alvero
by Owel Alvero
Paolo Geronimo
by Paolo Geronimo
Petra MagnoXOwel Alvero
by Petra MagnoXOwel Alvero
by Apol Sta. Maria
by Apol Sta. Maria
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