Duterte at UPLB

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was recently at the University of the Philippines-Los Baños to meet with the Iskolars ng Bayan as part of his presidential campaign, and during the open forum a student started maligning him with his slew of questions.

Well, it’s common for UP students to ask and be inquisitive, but the manner of questioning this student did was rather disgusting and showed that he just has no respect.

Identified as Stephen Villena, the student began asking Duterte about his priorities for national issues once he becomes president, whether it will be on education or civil defense. As the Davao mayor started explaining his side by means of examples, Villena battered him with questions that rather put Duterte as a weak and incapable president, and that he is just all bluff with no solid answers.

The ever-cool mayor however, just stayed grounded and kept calm throughout the barrage of questions.

And yes, the student is now being attacked by netizens who have showed allegations of him receiving money from no less than presidential rival Mar Roxas.

Fellow UPLB graduates are also upset by Villena’s manner of questioning, some of which saying that no matter how intelligent he is, if he has no manners, then he has nowhere to go.

And Villena’s vocabulary was also put on the spotlight:

“It’s compromised, not compensate.”

Your take on this?