MANILA, Philippines—Senator Antonio Trillanes IV on Monday faced a libel complaint before the Office of the Makati City Prosecutor after accusing two justices of the Court of Appeals of receiving bribes amounting to P50 million for their alleged favorable rulings against the Ombudsman’s suspension order of Makati Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr.


Mayor Binay, who filed the libel suit, said that the senator has made defamatory statements.

“The damaging and ruinous claims spewed out by respondent Trillanes are mere concoctions and fabrications with no other purpose than to malign, discredit, ruin my reputation and besmirch my good name as well as that of my family,” said Binay in a report.

Senator Nancy Binay, the sister of the mayor, also challenged Trillanes to show his evidences. “We have to stop throwing around baseless accusations and let the evidence speak for itself, if such evidence even exists,” Sen. Binay told Philstar in a separate news report. Another sister Rep. Mar-Len Abigail Binay asked Trillanes to “apologize” over his accusations.

Trillanes however remained untroubled on Binay’s charges, saying he can back up his pronouncements. “Once the investigation begins, witnesses and resource persons would be produced, as well as documentary evidence,” Trillanes told ANC in an interview. Trillanes said that his intelligence sources are “credible.

” “I double-checked it, triple-checked it. The source was credible and I exposed it,” he said, adding the information he has can be used to open an investigation. Trillanes also assured the public that he will present evidences of the bribery in the Court of Appeals soon. A former military officer, senator Trillanes added his informants are also ready to expose another new anomalies against the Binay camp, which include mayor Binay’s father Vice-President Jejomar Binay.

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