Visayas is not only rich in culture but with tourist attractions as well. It is the home of tropical islands, white-sand beaches and luxury resorts. From the infamous Boracay, to Bohol and Cebu, from the beauty of Southern Leyte to the West coasts of Samar, the region has a lot to offer. Discover the highlights of its area with us!

Here are the few tourist attractions you shouldn’t miss when visiting Visayas!

Lake Danao

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Lake Danao is one of the tourist spots in Visayas. It is known as the lover’s lake because of its tranquility and breath-taking sights. The place is renowned as the largest lake in Visayas region with an area of 649 hectare along with beautiful islands.

Lake Danao is a guitar-shaped lake lying in Camotes Island of Cebu Province. It offers awesome activities that will let you explore the beauty of nature. One should never miss to experience the lovely lake cruise known as “Sakanaw”. It will take travelers to the coast of the lake.

Without a doubt, Lake Danao is perfect for couple who want a romantic getaway or for families looking for a great tourist destination. With its spectacular sights and the tranquility of the place, you surely will find a haven that can soothe your spirit and relax your body.

Panglao Island

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Panglao Island is one the best tourist attractions in Visayas. It is located east of Cebu and Southwast of Bohol with an area of 80.5 sq. kilometers. It is renowned for its beautiful dive spots, stunning coral reefs and a manifold of islets ideal for beach-bathing.

It has a reputation of being one of the most visited tourist spots in the country because of its proximity to world famous attractions such as the Loboc River, Chocolate Hills and Tarsier Sanctuary.  It also has a myriad of springs, falls and caves making Panglao Island a must-visit place.


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Boracay is a paradise. It is not dubbed as the most beautiful and magnificent travel attraction in the Philippines for nothing.  The place is a nature at its best with beautiful sunset, crystal-clear beach, white, fine sands and just about everything.

Boracay offers various activities that will complete everyone’s vacation. Travelers can do parasailing, snorkeling, diving and other incredible water sports. Another good thing about this tourist spot is the “party all-night” mantra. This paradise is perfect for anyone who wants to experience luxury in one of the world’s best beaches.

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