Underboob Pen Challenge

Underboob Pen 9gag

We’ve encountered a lot of challenges to show off rather useless and sometimes even ridiculous talents on the internet, but this is one is sure to freak you out. Ever got the hang of the UNDERBOOB CHALLENGE?

This new challenge is making its rounds everywhere online, from social media to blogs and it even got featured on 9gag.com. Unlike other previous challenges such as the #KylieJennerChallenge where girls (and sometimes boys) have tried to make look their limps as plump as Kylie’s the underboob pen challenge is a bit pervy.

Girls take photos of their underboob with a pen stuck on it. Some used pencils, brushes, or just about anything a handle that can be grasped by the underboob. Yes, it is very ridiculous and downright silly, but girls from everywhere across the globe are posting photos of this part of their bodies with a pen in it.

Well, it’s not just sticking the pen onto the underboob the challenge-it’s also about making sure that while the underboob gets exposed, no other malicious part of the cleavage area should be seen. This can be very hard since when you expose your underboob, you need to take off your undergarment first. Unless you’ve already mastered the challenge before it even became a trend.

Caution: Try at your own risk!

Photo credit: 9gag.com

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