With the continued search of the mysteries of the universe, UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) hunters have come up once more with claims of alien life.

A new report claims that Russian UFO hunters have discovered debris of a UFO that is believed to be a million years old. According to VadomChernobrov, head of the Russion UFO and Cryptozoology group Kosmopoisk, his team had unearthed a disc-shaped stone during an excavation at the Medveditskaya ridge in Zhirnovsky, Volgograd.

Theorists claim discovery of 1-million year old spaceship in Russia

“It is a four-meter stone disc which resembles the popular image of a flying saucer,” reports the Russian news website Bloknot-Volgograd.

According to Scott Waring of the UFO Sighting Daily, this discovery may be proof that aliens do exist. He also claims that the tungsten material in which the disc is made of is often used in special military technology.

Earlier in February, a disc-shaped object was unearthed in a coal mine in Siberia, which is also thought to be an evidence of the presence of aliens on Earth.

Source: Yahoo News

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