39 countries showed serious concerns over the continuous rising number of drug-related killings in the country. Called the attention of the government to halt the operations and investigate the rise of deaths.

Drug War Philippines UNIceland, who was consigned to speak on behalf of the other 38 countries, expressed that the Philippine government should welcome a visit of Agnes Callamard, the United Nation special reporter on extrajudicial killings and as such.

There were 32 nations who already expressed the same concern about the startling rise of numbers about the killings on the war against drugs in the country last United Nation Human Rights Council (HRC) session in June this year.

Yesterday’s session, September 28, 2017 included the new signatories: United of States, Canada, Australia, Ukraine, and Georgia.

John Fisher, the Geneva director of the Human Rights Watch, tried to work together with the government but the attempt failed as the Philippine governments is unwilling to pay attention to end what he called “murderous campaign.”

Fisher also demanded for the international investigation into the deaths and accountability.

“A growing chorus of voices is speaking out at the United Nations’ top human rights body to condemn the thousands of killings in the Philippines perpetrated in the name of President Duterte’s so-called war on drugs” he added.

The 39 nations remain concerned about the “climate of impunity” in relation to President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs.

“We urge the government of the Philippines to take all necessary measures to bring these killings to an end and cooperate with the international community to pursue appropriate investigations into these incidents, in keeping with universal principles of democratic accountability and the rule of law” Iceland said during the gathering.

The country’s war on drugs has long been criticized both locally and internationally for its lapses especially in terms of human rights of the drug suspects.

Image: AP