The inclusion of a Filipino character, Josie Rizal, on the 7th installment of the fighting game franchise Tekken headlined the online world yesterday.

Josie Rizal, whose name is apparently has been played on the name of Jose Rizal, the Philippine national hero, has a fighting style that shows expertise on both kickboxing and Eskrima.

The online media has reported that the said Filipino character was designed by Mari Shimazaki, who came up with the character design for Tekken 7’s Kazumi Mishima and Platinum Games’ Bayonetta.

josie rizal - tekken 7
Meet Josie Rizal, the new Filipino character of Tekken 7


In the trailer, Josie Rizal was seen wearing a cropped yellow top, a blue skirt and gladiator shoes. Her accessories include a red headband, gold earrings, necklace and bracelets.

Along with Josie Rizal, two additional characters have been added to Tekken namely Jin Kazama and his supernatural alter ego Devil Jin.

The Filipino character who will surely capture the hearts of many Tekken players is expected to join the game by late April or early May this year.


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