TACLOBAN CITY- The city government will step up the enforcement of anti-littering ordinance to make sure that city is beautiful and clean in the upcoming fiesta, despite visitor influx.

Barangay affairs office head Hermilo Naputo Jr. said the strict implementation of the anti-littering ordinance will help the city government sustain its cleanliness drive.

Earlier, the city government gathered village officials including village watchmen at the city’s downtown in order for them to be aware of this strict implementation and seek their participation.

“Actually, the anti-littering ordinance have been implemented long ago, but of course we must intensify the implementation of this especially that more people will be coming and they may throw garbage everywhere,” Naputo told PNA.

With the meeting they conducted, Naputo noticed that village officials are very cooperative for they are aware that the strict implementation of the ordinance will also beautify their respective communities.

“What is important is that there will be a proper segregation and collection of garbage in this city,” he added.

He also emphasized that the people must know where to throw and how to segregate their garbage.

“The maintenance of the cleanliness of the city is the responsibility not just by the city government, but everyone,” Naputo said, adding that this should be done whole year round.

Meanwhile, the city government asked village officials to continue monitor the movements of strangers in their community who may have bad motives.

The city will celebrate its annual fiesta on June 30 where 70 percent of the city are expected to directly join the festivity. PNA

Photo courtesy of Timothy John Canes /Tacloban.gov

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